Julie made a post on her blog Julie’s Chemistry Connections about Pop Rocks last Wednesday!


According to her blog, carbon dioxide is trapped in the candy, which is what makes pop rocks do tht awesome popping in your mouth. Mmmm~ So cool! I love the sound pop rocks makes. Pop rocks apparently has less CO2 than soda. I don’t even like the carbonation in soda that much at all, but I sure do love pop rocks! In fact, the carbonation is about 1/10th as much as you would get in a mouthful of cola!

Here’s more information I learned about pop rocks, candy which ahs been gasified with CO2 using a patented process.

Pop Rocks are made by heating a solution sugar, lactose, corn syrup, water, and artificial colors/flavorsĀ until the water boils off and combining it with carbon dioxide gas at about 600 pounds per square inch (psi). When the pressure is released, the candy shatters into small pieces, each containing bubbles of pressurized gas which can be seen if you examine the candy with a magnifying glass.

While Pop Rocks are totally safe, artificial colors, flavors, sugar, and corn syrup aren’t too safe to have large amounts of. Brush your teeth and eat healthy, kids!