Okay, that’s kind of a lie. Please do not coat yourself in soap before entering a burning building. I am not responsible if you do that.

But hey, there’s some truth to the awesomeness of soap!

Julie talked about soap in her blog post found here:

 “So the main ingredients are triglycerides and  alkali. triglycerides are hydrophobic and alkali are hydrophilic. The triglyceride bonds with the dirt, and the alkali stays and washes it off. “

We recently used it in our Flaming Hands lab in a solution with water and methane bubbles. Under many VERY SPECIFIC safety conditions and precautions, the soap helped create a barrier on our hands!Image

This image here illustrates the hydrophilic and hydrophobic regions of soap molecules and shows how this can help form a barrier. Pretty cool, right? Just please don’t set your hands on fire. Please.