What did one ion say to the other ion?

I’ve got my ion you!

Look how cute this science fabric pattern design is! I would totally use a pattern like this to make a pillowcase, and a bag, and a shirt, and a scarf, and a book cover… Check it out here! http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/2953010

Speaking of fabric and science, we’ve recently had to investigate the chemistry of common materials for our Photography Project! Ever wonder what fabric is made out of? What makes one fabric soft and another rough, what makes one shirts color pop like it’s hot and another absorb stains like it’s… not?

Why don’t you check out Project Cotton by the University of Missouri?

“The chemical composition of cotton fiber consists of ninety-five percent cellulose, one point three percent protein, one point two percent ash, point six percent wax, point three percent sugar, and .8 percent organic acids, and other chemical compounds that make up three point one percent (Wakelyn pg. 15). The non-cellulose chemicals of cotton are usually located in the cuticle of the fiber.”

I know, very cool. Cotton is plant based while other fabrics, like wool for example, are animal products. Still other fabrics are synthetic like polyester and nylon. This means that dying and staining clothes made of different materials can have very different results!

Polyester is actually made up of a lot of polymers. Check out this diagram from this page: http://www.chemguide.co.uk/organicprops/esters/polyesters.html

The same kind of stuff that makes up the water bottle you’re drinking from can be making up your clothing right now! Crazy stuff.

Textile chemistry is actually a really cool and special discipline. Look into it if you like fabrics and science!



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