Sandwich Bags and Sarcasm

Just a little dosage of what you get if you read Max’s blogThe Name is Bond, Ionic Bond.

I love plastic sandwich baggies! I use them for just about everything. Holding my breakfast, arts and crafts, keeping snack food fresh, packaging my lunch… but according to this post (linked above) from Max’s blog, they can be used for gasoline, too!

Scientists in India have created a method for creating liquid fuel from plastic bags and other items.

“Considering the extremely large amount of plastic based products we use on a daily basis, this new discovery may prove to be very useful. “

You bet it’s useful! I did a little research and found this article from

” According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, in 2008 plastics amounted to about 12 percent of the country’s municipal solid waste stream — up from less than 1 percent 50 years ago. That’s about 30 million tons (27 million metric tons), close to half of it in the form of containers and other types of packaging.”

30 million tons of plastic! Imagine we could use that plastic for fuel! That would sure aid in solving our energy crises along, hm?

Here’s another interesting tidbit about how scientists are trying to lessen the impact plastics make on our environment: chemists are conducting research into using renewable resources from organic polymers – i.e. cellulose, soy protein, vegetable oil, and triglycerides –  to produce plastics. Thats right, food-based biodegradable plastics! These often take less energy to produce than traditional plastics and companies have begun to take notice. Their prices have become less competitive with traditional plastics, too!


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