Cosmetics Chemistry

This post from Aneesa’s blog,, touches upon the chemicals in our cosmetics!

“It’s not surprising that your concealer you put on daily maybe the reason why your skin condition is bad.
If you look deeper,dozens of harsh synthesized chemicals have made their way to approval through loopholes in US’s Federal Law and FDA.
Most of these chemicals are known to be great risk factors of cancer, infertility, and overall health.”

Pretty intriguing, right? I remember hearing from one of my favorite Youtubers, the beauty queen Michelle Phan, that she had a friend that worked at a makeup factory. Apparently, the bins that held makeup remover had to be regularly replaced because the formula would destroy their containers! And we’re supposed to be putting this stuff on our face? Gross!

Here are some healthy natural alternatives to some conventional beauty products that I found around the Internet and on 

Deodorant:  Baking soda
Lotion: Coconut Oil
Toner: Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
Makeup Remover: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

and more! Just do your research before buying pricey cosmetics- you never know; there might be a healthy, convenient, less expensive solution that’s better for your skin and the environment!


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