Have A Bottle of Leftover Bubbly?

New Years was about a month ago. Have you forgotten all about your resolutions yet?

Better question: have you forgotten all about that bottle of leftover bubbly? There’s no way to tell if it’s gone bad or not until you open it at the next celebration.. or is there?

The American Chemical Society’s Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry has published a study where scientists report a precise new way for wineries and consumers to predict how long their sparkling wines will last. Montserrat Riu-Aumatell and colleagues explain that the shelf life of various sparkling wines, from champagne to prosecco, depends on environmental factors such as temperature.

Food manufacturers can measure a compound called 5-HMF, which builds up in food as it goes bad, to tell when to toss a product out. After testing levels of this browning compound in several bottles stored over two years at different temperatures, their study found that 5-HMF is a good indicator of freshness and that refrigerating sparkling wines almost completely prevented browning.

It’s cool how chemistry is always helping us find new ways to make our daily lives easier! Well, not my daily life, because I’m underage and we don’t consume alcohol in my house anyway. I wonder if 5-HMF is a good indicator of freshness in apple cider? I also have some sparkling grape juice in the fridge… Hm…



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