I made a molar mass calculator!

(To cut to the chase, click here)

So, I was doing my chemistry homework and I had to find the molar mass of some molecules. I realized I was doing the same kinds of calculations over and over, and that my math work looked kind of like a spreadsheet. I mean, I love spreadsheets (don’t ask me why) so maybe my mind just likes thinking in spreadsheets.

For example:

a. H3PO4 = 97.9953 g/mol     

Atom Molar Mass # of atoms Total:
H 1.0079 g/mol x 3 = 3.0237 g/mol
P 30.974 g/mol x 1= 30.974 g/mol
O 15.994 g/mol x 4 = 63.9976 g/mol
TOTAL: 97.9953 g/mol

Take the atom, for example, Hydrogen, find the molar mass, multiply it by the number of that atom in the molecule. Do that for each atom, then add the values and get the molar mass of the whole molecule!

I used that principle to make this molar mass calculating spreadsheet on Google Drive! Click here to see it. Copy it to your drive to start using it. Simply input the number of each of the atoms in the molecule and get the molecule’s molar mass!

I feel like a total geek, but this totally excites me. I also think it helps me understand the concept very well. I don’t think I’ll be forgetting how to find molar mass on the midterm when I can just think in spreadsheets!


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