Wi-Fi Signals that give you PSYCHIC POWERS.

Alright, that title isn’t completely accurate. Watch this video to see what I’m talking about.

“The NETMIT group at MIT develops a new technology that can see through walls, performing 3D motion tracking. The technology has applications in gaming, elderly monitoring, and gesture-based user interfaces.”

Imagine turning off the lights or controlling a character in a video game… BY MOVING. THIS IS THE COOLEST THING EVER.

We recently learned about the varied powers of wave energy in chemistry class, but I didn’t need Ms. Smith to tell me how powerful they can be. I mean, I use wi-fi signals on a daily basis. You are, too, if you’re reading this blog. 



WiTrack uses wireless signals that are 100x smaller than Wi-Fi and 1000x smaller than radio waves. The concept is similar to that of GPS signals, where it sends these signals out and measures the delay before the signals are reflected back, using that delay to figure out the position of the human using WiTrack. 

Just think about how crazy it would be to be playing a game and having to PHYSICALLY duck behind your couch. It would solve the whole “video games cause a lack of physical activity and laziness” problem. Super cool. Thanks MIT.




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