Ew. Some people seem to have no human feelings whatsoever. I mean, really, some people are so rude and irritating no matter how kind and amiable you try to be. However, we’re all human (probably, hopefully) and even if someone doesn’t seem to outwardly be affected by emotional reactions, they may be going through discernible patterns of bodily sensation according to research funded by European Research Council (ERC), The Academy of Finland and the Aalto University. Read the article on sciencedaily here!   “Emotions adjust not only our mental, but also our bodily states. This way the prepare us to react swiftly to the dangers, but also to the opportunities such as pleasurable social interactions present in the environment. Awareness of the corresponding bodily changes may subsequently trigger the conscious emotional sensations, such as the feeling of happiness,” tells assistant professor Lauri Nummenmaa from Aalto University.

I think what’s coolest about is how these images produced aren’t too far from what you’d expect. Beaming with pride, warm with love, blue with depressing, hot headed with contempt and anger, red with shame! (Even hotter on the cheeks!)

Human nature is really interesting! When it gets down to nature versus nurture, how much of our emotions are a part of our personality that has developed over time, and how much is due to bodily nature?



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