It’s snowing!

Okay, no, it’s slushing, wet and icy and muddy and slippy. Yuk.

Speaking of slushies, I’m sure nobody is in the mood for icy drinks on December 10th, but after running >20 laps during indoor track practice today, I wouldn’t mind one.
Check out this awesome video about making any soda into an instant slushie!

How does this work?
By supercooling the soda, you chill it below its normal freezing point without turning it into a solid. When you shake up the soda before freezing it, you’re trying to eliminate any large bubbles that could act as sites for ice formation. It also really makes the pressure inside the container build up! Don’t spray anyone!

Then, as soon as you crack the seal and pour it out, the liquid is already cold enough to freeze so it forms ice. Insta-slushy! Just don’t leave it in too long, or you might end up with a very heavy, very sugary soda bottle shaped piece of ice.
I tried this with a can of ginger ale last summer; so cool! So cold!
I hope that motivated you to either try this experiment out or simply bundle up… if the weather hasn’t already done that!


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