Vote for Avogadro Salad


Click that image or right here to vote for Avogadro Salad on Edublog’s Top Student Blogs of 2013 List!
Simply scroll down (I’m 19th place right now) and click the up arrow!
(I didn’t really get much information, so forgive me; thanks for informing me goes out to my 6th grade Language Arts teacher Mrs. Orlando who continues to make such a positive difference in my life.)

This is such an honor! I am really humbled.

And to make sure this post is at least a little bit about chemistry, just look at these earrings for sale on!

Perfect Christmas gift for a chemistry geek! (Hint, hint.)
Now, I wonder if they can create Quantum Mechanical Model Earrings! I mean, I’m never 100% certain of the location of any of my earrings already.

May I ask the awesonomical human being (or very intelligent blogging chimp) who nominated me to contact me if they please? I’d love to send a virtual hug. Thanks!


3 thoughts on “Vote for Avogadro Salad

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