Greener, Cheaper, Safer Perfumes


I thought it might be time for a better smelling post after the last one about skunks!

According to this article on Science Daily, University of Toronto researchers have developed techniques to create iron-based catalysts necessary to produce the alcohols and amines used in the perfume industry. The new synthetic methods promise to be safer and more economical and environmentally friendly.

Iron is the fifth most abundant naturally occurring metal on Earth. This research takes advantage of that, substituting iron in place of the rare elements of ruthenium, rhodium, palladium and platinum traditionally used in the design of hydrogenation catalysts.

“There is a research effort world-wide to make chemical processes more sustainable and green by replacing the rare, expensive and potentially toxic elements used in hydrogenation, catalytic converters in cars, fuel cells… with abundant ions such as iron,” says chemistry professor Robert Morris.
“Iron is about 10,000 times cheaper to obtain than ruthenium. And less than 200 metric tons of platinum-type metals are mined in the world every year, not all of it can be recycled after use, it is not essential to life, and it can be toxic.”

I don’t wear perfume often; there’s little I find more disgusting than when my mother sprays those strong, overpowering chemicals at my face in an attempt to make me more “ladylike.” Not to mention those icky little bottles can be so expensive!
However, as a fan of Eco-friendly hair sprays, mineral and fruit soaps, and all-natural cosmetic products, I am so looking forward to trying greener, cleaner, and cheaper perfumes.
Yay, science!


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