It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane!

No, it’s a super antioxidant!
According to this article by Science Daily, scientists at Rice University are enhancing the natural antioxidant properties of an element found in a car’s catalytic converter to make it useful for medical applications.

These researchers’ discovery has the potential to help treat traumatic brain injury, cardiac arrest and Alzheimer’s patients, to guard cancer patients from radiation induced side effects, to protect astronauts from radiation and perhaps even to slow the process of aging.

Cerium oxide nanocrystals have the ability to absorb and release oxygen ions, a chemical reaction known as reduction oxidation. It’s the same process that allows catalytic converters in cars to absorb and eliminate pollutants.
That’s right, these particles small enough for injection can clean not just your car of pollution, but you, too.
I think that’s pretty weird and kind of makes me skeptical. Rice chemist Vicki Colvin said that none of the cerium oxide particles made before Rice tackled the problem were stable enough to be used in biological settings. I hope much more research is put into this super antioxidant before it is administered to patients.


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