The Flu is Bad

…But flu shots are worse, in my opinion.

Flu season looms hanging over our heads, approaching at a dreadfully frightening pace!
Anyone who’s known me for a while can tell you that I hate getting shots.
Why should I be denied certain rights just because I refuse to allow the government to concoct a potentially toxic and harmful serum for stabbing and injecting into my blood stream? It’s wrong!
Additionally… medical syringes are terrifying! My dreadful and irrational fear of medical needles is called “trypanophobia” and causes me to become a hysterically frightened toddler in the doctors office even today.

Alright, what has this got to do with chemistry?
Click here to read, “Scientists Discover Molecules That Show Promise for New Anti-Flu Medicines” on Science Daily!

I hope we all remember what we learned about enzymes last year!
Scientists at Rutgers have discovered chemical agents that, by binding to the active site of an enzyme the influenza virus uses to replicate itself in cell culture, shows promise for a new line of anti-flu medicines.
Tamiflu is the only effective orally available anti-flu drug, and according to the article, the virus can build resistance against it.
Eddy Arnold, Board of Governors Professor of chemistry and chemical biology in the School of Arts and Sciences at Rutgers, and his team have been working to develop drugs beyond Tamiflu, which essentially makes them my heroes. Arnold says the compounds “really gum up” the targeted enzymes.
“By synthesizing chemical compounds that bind to metal ions in a viral enzyme, the researchers found they could halt that enzyme’s ability to activate a key step in the virus’s replication process,” Science Daily reports.

If chemistry can give me an alternative method for protecting myself from the flu without being stabbed, I would be more than grateful! It might take a while, but I’m very optimistic.


One thought on “The Flu is Bad

  1. Hi- great blog
    1. On the positive side of the viral enemy- Doctors have been freaking out for years about antibiotic resistant or immune bacteria. Even as far back as WWII doctors in Russia were experimenting using Viruses to fight bacteria
    (MIT Tech Review article)
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