Of the Blue Colour of the Sky

“Of the Blue Colour of the Sky” is the name of my favorite band’s third album. Rather than just being a pretty name, it’s based on a passage from the book The Influence of the Blue Ray of Sunlight and of the Blue Colour of the Sky by General A.J. Pleasonton.


That said, Pleasanton apparently believed that the color blue was world’s essential life force. His faith in the color may inspire good music, but I highly doubt the validity of his claim given the chemistry of the colors we see.

John William Strutt, or Lord Rayleigh, first answered the question of, “Why is the sky blue?”

He determined that gas molecules in the air scatter sunlight as it passes through the atmosphere, an effect now called the Rayleigh scattering. The light we see depends on the angle between the light source and the viewer.
This is why we see reds and oranges while the sun is low, rising or setting, and why, when the sun rises high into the sky, the scattered wavelength is shorter and we see blue.

Although General A.J. Pleasonton’s writings, on the other hand, turned out to be pseudoscientific, his book is often attributed to being the birth of chromotherapy. While scientists never adopted his idea that blue light could cure disease, modern chromotherapy is a complementary medicine method that uses color to balance a person’s “energy”.
Sounds neat. How “healthy” might lavender be? It’s my favorite color.



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