Mmm, Uranium

Just kidding; uranium is definitely not safe to consume! That’s why it’s pretty cool that University of Eastern Finland. Chemec Ltd., a Finnish chemicals industry company, has developed a new and efficient method to removing uranium and other heavy metals from water.
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The CH Collector method binds metal ions to a solid material. The invention is unique, as no other metal absorbents working on the same principle are in use. “Ion channels are formed inside the material, in which the metal ions are collected from the solution,” Professor Vepsäläinen explains.
In biology last year, we learned how about water pollution and of how, although it is irresponsible and very icky, it happens all the time! This year, in chemistry, we’ve learned just how dangerous some of the elements on our periodic table can be.
So yes, it’s pretty cool that the mining industry can now use this invention to remove heavy metals from water, but I’m more interested in how the CH Collector can remove emissions caused by chemicals and metal processing industries.

Oh, and before I forget; shout out to my Chemistry classmate Jill for sharing this hilarious tumblr post with me!




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